There are 35004500 traffic accidents that involve reindeer per year in Finnish Lapland. These accidents cause loss and damage to reindeer herders and vehicle owners 


Can these accidents be prevented by modern, distruptive technologies? 

Join the Connected Reindeer Hackathon 2022 to innovate solutions to this problem. These solutions can be technical application concepts/demos or business models

Why should you participate in the Connected Reindeer Hackathon? 

  • Showcase your skills and use the contributions as part of your professional portfolio. 
  • It is a great learning opportunity: learn about new technology, practise your skills in teamwork and innovative thinking. 
  • Get new contacts and grow your networks.
  • And of course, best contributions will be awarded with a diploma!

Connected Reindeer Hackathon is organized by Lapland University of Applied Sciences and it is part of an international DIT4BEARs projectThis hackathon will be organized with the assistance of the European Union funding. The project is co-funded by the Kolarctic CBC Programme ( 



The whole team must be registered with the same registration form by the team leader. All team members' names must be mentioned.

Registration has ended.




Choose your team’s challenge:

CHALLENGE 1. A mobile app for preventing reindeer road accidents 

Develop and plan a concept of a mobile application, which can be used to warn and inform drivers about possible reindeer along the route they are driving.

For detailed assignment CLICK HERE.

CHALLENGE 2. A business concept of a reindeer road accident prevention mobile app

Create a business and monetization concept for a mobile app intended to prevent collisions of reindeer and vehicles.

For detailed assignment CLICK HERE.

Open innovation of disruptive technologies in the context of reindeer herding and road safety in Lapland

Create an innovative concept that benefits different stakeholders. The concept must be based on new disruptive technologies.

For detailed assignment CLICK HERE.

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Diploma for the winning team

More specific information will be added later.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Juha Orre

Juha Orre
Senior Lecturer / Lapland UAS

Yrjö Koskenniemi

Yrjö Koskenniemi
Senior Lecturer / Lapland UAS

Mika Saloheimo
Senior Lecturer / Lapland UAS

Anthony Okuogume

Anthony Okuogume
Senior Lecturer / Lapland UAS

Tanja Suomalainen

Tanja Suomalainen
Principal Lecturer / Lapland UAS

Tuomo Lindholm

Tuomo Lindholm
Senior Lecturer / Lapland UAS

Judging Criteria

  • Strength of the value proposition
    How well the key value to the service providers and users was defined. How well the transaction mechanism (product/online service etc) was defined.
  • Market/commercialization
    How the value was captured for the service providers and users: The primary user acquisition channel, transaction incentives and user conversion/development.
  • Use of technology
    How well modern information technology was used and leveraged in the innovation work.
  • Creativity and innovation
    How original, creative and innovative contributions were made.
  • Open innovation principles
    To which extent outside knowledge is used.
  • Quality of presentation
    How understandable and aesthetic the presentation was.

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